Embee Power Inc.

Embee Power is a commercial and industrial electrical services subcontracting company.
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Embee Power Case Study

Embee Power Inc.

Case Study Scope

It was a pleasure working with Irvin, he was very clear, concise, and most of all, easy to work with. He met all of his deadlines, and was helpful through every phase of the project.


Embee Power is a sub-contracting power & electric company that came to me in need of a complete redesign & update for their existing website. I worked closely with their team to design and develop a robust portfolio and case study based website that could showcase all of their top tier projects for the last 20+ years.


Design & develop a website that would be desktop, tablet, and mobile responsive and optimized.


After an agile design phase, I developed a custom WordPress theme that would serve as solid foundation for a feature-rich multi-device platform. A large data migration was executed before launch to ensure that existing subscription data was not interrupted and to save time-consuming data entry work.
Embee Power
Embee Power Case Study