Embee Technologies Inc.

Embee Technologies is an IT Infrastructure & WiFi Solutions design company, and provides customized and cost-effective enhancement of your company’s LAN & WAN infrastructure.
Website Design & Development, Digital Strategy
Embee Tech

Embee Technologies Inc.

Case Study Scope

Irvin Guadarrama is first-class all the way. His design expertise and attention to detail are superb. I love the fact that he is web-standards and best practice driven, yet can implement bleeding-edge design for progressive projects. And furthermore, he is incredibly easy to work with! David exceeded above and beyond all expectations and I would recommend him for any job, both big and small.


Embee Technologies is a California based IT company that focuses on IT design and infrastructure for big industries such as education, healthcare, architecture, and government. Their marketing team came to me with a detailed design which I turned into a custom WordPress theme.


Developing a optimized site with a unique design that is responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile.


We worked together on deciding which integrations the owner wanted for his site, and worked together on designing a theme that would best demonstrate what his company does.
Embee Tech
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