Security Systems Plus LLC.

Security Systems Plus is a security systems and camera installation services company that is located in Irvine, CA.
Security Systems Technology & Security Camera Installation
Web Design, Website Speed Optimization, Basic On-page SEO, Email Automation, Analytics Integration

Security Systems Plus LLC.

Case Study Scope

"Irvin was very knowledgeable, and reliable through every step of the way. As the owner of a power and electric subcontracting company, I was able to focus on my business".



Thomas is the President and CEO of Security Systems Plus, located in Irvine, California. As the owner of a successful security systems and camera installing company targeted towards the AEC industry, Thomas needed a way to showcase his company’s services, portfolio, reach new projects/customers, and grow his personal brand.


Design a unique based theme that would clearly showcase SSP’s services, and portfolio for all existing customers, and expand SSP’s brand by integrating email marketing.


We worked together on develing a design, and chose the precise plugin stack that would well suit his site.I developed a clean custom design and integrated tracking and analytics to help the owner stay on track with online traffic on his site.